Graphic Design Services


We understand that your image is your most important asset. With our graphic design services, you can rest assured that when you hand out a business card or direct a customer to your website, you will be putting your best foot forward.

We work to communicate your unique message through your branding. By working closely with our clients, we can understand their needs more fully and create a more encompassing branding package.

We have created branding for clients in a multitude of industries including entertainers, fashion designers, health professionals, tech firms, and manufacturers. No matter your profession or industry, we can create branding that fits your image.



Having great designs for your website doesn’t mean much if the site functions poorly. We know having a strong backbone to your site is crucial for maintaining your online presence. We take the time and care to ensure our websites are strong inside and out.

Our sites are developed on a sturdy, adaptable framework to allow for expansion and to keep them performing at their best. We want you to be able to add to your website and expand your online reach as your business grows.

We offer web development services ranging from simple edits to fully custom builds. We can accommodate nearly any budget, deadline, or level of customization. Our technical expertise equips us to create lasting web solutions for our clients.



Creating a successful website requires more than a stunning design and efficient development. Today, more than ever, marketing your business online is an essential component of any business’s online presence.

Paid marketing programs can give a boost to your business by placing you at the top of search results. These programs are crucial for businesses that have just opened as they can can expose you to customers that won’t waste time looking through search results.

Our internet marketing strategies can help you develop a successful online marketing campaign. This helps develop lasting relationships with consumers, drive sales, and increases website traffic.



Even a well-developed website is useless if users are unable to find it. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps ensure that your website is not getting lost on page two or three of search results.

Many companies use improper optimization techniques that can cause your site to function poorly and be subject to removal from searches. We take great strides to ensure your site is optimized properly so your site experiences as few issues as possible.

If your site has been suffering from lackluster performance in search results or you aren’t getting the traction you wanted, our search engine optimization services are the solution. Our SEO services can help you get to the all-important first page of search results.

Social Media Services


Our society is increasingly social. If you are not onboard with current social media trends, you and your business are being left behind. Our social media experts can help you determine the best social avenues for your business.

Users expect more and more social updates and interaction from business. We can help provide it. We can help you expand your online reach by utilizing social media platforms to inform consumers of promotions, updates, news, events, and more.

Our social media strategies help you showcase your company culture, philosophy, and current events & specials. We can help you gain attention, followers, and, most importantly, loyal customers.



Modiv offers more than exceptional design, development, and marketing. We also provide multimedia solutions to ensure your website and social media platforms have the highest quality content for users to browse and share.

Many businesses neglect to create original content simply because it is time consuming. Our multimedia services, including photography & video production, help you focus on running your business while ensuring you have a steady stream of content for users.

Our multimedia solutions provide content for users to engage with on the consistent basis they crave. We work closely with you to develop unique and informative content to help you stand out from your competition and showcase all your business has to offer.